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Pop Up Power Dock Chrome


 Power Dock pops out to give access to the sockets and then neatly slots away hidden from view.

1. This series of products looks beautiful
2. Lock and release mechanism of pneumatic rod and lock, easy and easy to switch up and down;
3. The inner and outer ring of the product is fine, and the pop-up part is stable and stable;
4. Installation of functional components, which can be configured according to user's requirements, such as power, telephone, computer, audio, video, etc.
5. The weak current part is to be connected, and it is only needed to direct the wiring to the socket, insert the plug directly into the socket interface hidden under the desktop, and the function of the desktop can be used;
6. The outlet of the outlet is divided into two types, the power line outlet and the weak current module outlet.

Panel size: 113mm in diameter

Hole size: 100mm in diameter


Type SCTS18
Packing number 8pcs
Carton size(cm) 54*34*26
Gross weight/ box 14kg
Net weight Kg / box> 11.16kg


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