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Smart touch wifi wall switch


Switch touch is a one way WiFi sensitive control luxury crystal glass panel wall switch. It can be paired with iOS/Android APP eWeLink via WiFi, allowing users to remotely turn on/off the LED and lights from anywhere at any time. Its LED backlight lets you easily find and turn on the switch at night. It can be used to control lights or home appliances. Upgrade your home with this modern, fashionable alternative to traditional light switches.
Support all kinds of lights, perfect for smart home solution!

The company's SC series of touch switches, including zero line of fire switch, a single fire line switch, dimmer switch, curtain control switch, switch-type remote control, etc., covering the touch, remote control, remote control, scene control and other applications. Specific features are as follows:
1, touch function: the use of a dedicated touch control chip, touch with adaptive function, touch stable and reliable;
2, backlight function: the use of blue backlight, indicating the switch status and luminous function;
3, the sound function: switch operation and the code tone, you can set to open or close;
4, remote control function: self-learning, as long as the study into the corresponding wireless code, you can easily control the remote control switch;
5, remote function: with the host can achieve remote control of electrical equipment, off-site can be turned off to open any electrical equipment;
6, the scene features: with the remote control, through the appropriate settings, you can complete the scene mode such as: home, away from home,

1, panel material: tempered glass, ABS bracket;
2, the bottom box material: ABS material bottom box;
3, the product size: 86 * 86 * 37mm;
4, the power supply voltage: 110VAC-250VAC / 50Hz-60Hz;
5, the use of the environment: -30 ℃ ~ 70 ℃; humidity < 90%;
6, the service life: 100,000 times.
7, the power supply voltage: 110VAC-250VAC / 50Hz-60Hz;
8, power conditions: FireWire L, zero line N access switch, wiring instructions see the use of instructions;
9, the load power: each output 1000W (resistive load), the total power is less than 2000W;
10, standby power consumption: ≤ 0.2W;
11, for the occasion: for all lamps and various types of load, LED and energy-saving lamps when using the attention of lamps and then the number;


Type SC-013/16A
Packing number 120pcs
Inner box size(mm) 263*108*125
Carton size(cm) 54*34*26
Gross weight/ box 14kg
Net weight Kg / box> 11.16kg
Volume/ box 0.048
Only / inner box 10pcs
Inner box / box 12pcs
Net weight / only 93
Only / bag 5


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